Alberto Contador: The Man, The Myth, The Idiot

As most of you know, I am not a fan of Alberto Contador.  That said, I never denied his talent.  For the last few years, he has dominated the peloton with his climbing skills, time trialing ability, and the endurance to wage, as well as respond to, attacks.  But despite this, history has shown time and time again that Contador is an immature rider.  It is primarily this reason why he will never be as great as Lance Armstrong.  Many will say that Lance Armstrong is an egotistical rider who cares only about himself.  Maybe that is the case, but he was political about it, and knew how to manage those feelings and instincts outwardly.  That is an intangible factor that only comes with maturity.  Armstrong recognized that during his first bid for the Tour De France.

Contador, on the other hand, has regressed every year, and has expressed his egotistical instincts outwardly, like a little child, not like a champion professional bike racer that he should be.  Professional bike racing is forty five percent talent, forty percent your team, and fifteen percent politics.  Contador has not mastered the latter, and has pissed on the second.

It is thus with no great surprise that many pros are outwardly supporting Contador with his recent positive drug test, in the sense that they urge a fair review of Contador’s samples.   But inwardly, they are laughing, in that, “That mother*&^%^& had it coming” kind of way.  It’s the fate of professional bike racing.  You act immature, the professional bike racing god will piss on you.  The most successful bike riders who are now legends praised and respected the god.  For that reason, Armstrong will never get caught in a doping scandal . . . that sticks.  All the haters can cry all they want, but nothing has stuck.  Nothing.

Contador, on the other hand, got his hand in the cookie jar.  Not simply an allegation, but a suspension based on a test.

Anyway, good luck, Contador.  I’m really sure it was a piece of meat that caused the spike in your system.


3 thoughts on “Alberto Contador: The Man, The Myth, The Idiot

  1. To all these lovely professional riders who are snickering behind contadors or any other rider who is in strife beware that what goes around comes around. So you may all stand in judgement on these people and make smart comments on how he deserves it or not. but I guess if the shoe was on the other foot and you were innocent or not you would be crying also. And if it does happen expect the same treatment that you are giving out to be dished up to you.

    Everyone is innocent to proven absolutely otherwise that is a fare assumption in contadors case and anyone in the same position. I would like to see how many of you snickering cowards are take drugs and smiling cause your not caught yet. “” youre turn will come and i would like to see your career and reputation tarnished and people snickering behind your back. Remember what you dish out of your dirty mouths comes back to bite you in the butt so beware of your arrogant opinions.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You are absolutely right to suggest here in your post that the sport of cycling has to change given the high profile positive drug tests as of late. It would certainly be unfair to make Contador the poster child of doping, particularly since there have been worst offenders and particularly since his case has not been finally decided.

    That said, my comments about Lance Armstrong, which I assume you are referring to, hold true. Unlike Contador, Armstrong has never, never had a positive drug test that led to his suspension. Contador has. Perhaps he will be exonerated after a fair hearing. Perhaps, though, he will not be exonerated. And that ultimately will be a big negative for cycling in general, because he is the poster child of cycling right now. It’s just too bad that the designated post child is an idiot.

    1. HOLY SHIT did I get it all wrong about Armstrong.

      Or maybe I didn’t.

      If he didn’t try for his 7th TDF, would he have been in the same position he is in now?

      I think he pissed on the Biking Gods when he did so.

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