We Will Miss You Amanda Bynes!

I opened up the internet yesterday and was flooded with news about Amanda Bynes who, via twitter no less, announced her retirement from acting.

Amanda Bynes… Who the hell was that again? 

Was that the chirpy kind of cute girl who was almost pretty but something about her was just a little off to be an A-list hollywood actress without talent on that half-baked What I like about you show?  Amanda Bynes seems like the girl who, left to her own devices, is more comfortable at 130 than the 100 pounds she is now.  Her face just seems a little bigger than the rest of her body.  It’s like her face was squeezed out from below, like a tube of toothpaste.

I quickly did a wikipedia search and saw a whole listing of, well, and I’m speaking honestly here, the crap stuff she’s been in since entering into the mix with Nickelodeon’s Figure it Out and All That.  It made me realize that there a lot of people who “make it” into the t.v. and film acting industry, but don’t actually succeed in it.  More power to these actors like Amanda Bynes that they got their foot in the door.  A lot of people have tried to get their foot in the door but end up waiting tables in New York City or L.A. and their big story when they get older is how they met Jack Nicholson on set while being an extra. 

But, really, Amanda Bynes, don’t go crying on Twitter that you’re “retiring”  because “it’s not fun anymore.”

Sure, I guess it’s not fun when everything you do is frankly mediocre.  I guess it’s a good idea to take a break from it all of the mediocreness that you’ve been involved in and come back ten years from now in some indie movie with an aging A-list actor and maybe then, just maybe, your career can then actually take off and it will be “fun” again. 

In the meantime, hang out at the library or take some acting lessons when you’re not eating oatmeal and wheatgrass juice at your parent’s house.


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