Chris Behnke: A Twist to his photograph of Obama shirtless

Here’s a brief story about Chris Behnke, a notable paparazzo:

I’m sure most of you have read this story of the photographer who took a photo of Obama shirtless in Hawaii.  There was all this talk of how close photographer Chris Behnke was able to get to take the photo — approximately 200 yards (I can only wonder if the secret service detail has been fired).  I can only imagine how much money Behnke scored for the shot.  But there’s another interesting twist that isn’t reported.

Chris Behnke is a Punahou graduate, class of 1994.  As you may recall, Obama is also a graduate of Punahou, albeit it much earlier.  Coincidence?  Of course not, but it shows at least a Hawaii connection — however minimal — between Behnke and Obama.

Chris Behnke graduated from Punahou High School in 1994.  He then graduated from Loyola Maramount in 1998, with a degree in film production.   He currently lives in Los Angeles, California.  His father is notable stock broker Richard Behnke, who runs Abel-Behnke Corporation, in Hawaii.


4 thoughts on “Chris Behnke: A Twist to his photograph of Obama shirtless

  1. Richard Behnke died in 2002.

    Another coincidence, Chris’s cousin, Bill Behnke, who lived in a beach house in Kailua, went to Punahou with Obama (Class of ’79) for 7th and 8th grade.

  2. So, I found you this way: Maninas from Food Matters came and commented on my blog. So I wandered over there and saw her So-Ridiculous (in a good way)-it-Made-Me-Want-to-Weep chicken curry. Since Indian food is my favorite and I am powerless against its lure, I went to comment. Then, I came across a comment left by a mrcheeseburger9000. The name cannot be ignored, and here I am.

    Eclectic stuff, over here, and it makes me very happy. Am very glad to see someone writing about thought-provoking world issues. Me–I write about muffins and stuff:) Thanks for a glimpse at the world through different eyes; I’ll be back.

    PS Hawaii seems to be like any small town in America. Everyone knows everyone, and at most, there are 3 degrees of separation.

  3. I love Chris Behnke. Went to film school with him and he always laughed at my jokes. Now that’s a good guy.

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