Obama Born In Kenya? (The real question: What planets are Philip J. Berg, Andy Martin, and Judah Benjamin from?)

In a seemingly last ditch effort to kickstart a dying campaign, lapdogs of McCain/Palin, such as Philip J. Berg, Andy Martin, and Judah Benjamin, have again been pushing the theory that Obama is ineligible to run for president.  In the beginning, the theory of the lapdogs was that Obama was not a “natural born citizen,” because his mother was not old enough to qualify Obama for automatic citzenship.  This “theory” was quickly refuted with proof that Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m.  As most people know, Hawaii gained statehood on August 21, 1959.  Thus, as the credible, corroborated, and accurate proof revealed, Obama was born in the United States and was a natural born citizen, as opposed to a naturalized one.

Apparently recognizing the overwhelming evidence, the lapdogs of McCain/Palin, particularly Philip J. Berg, Andy Martin, and Judah Benjamin, decided to change their theory . . . not suprisingly.  Instead of presenting a hyper-technical argument about what it means to be a natural-born citzen — such as the now refuted arguments against McCain’s eligibility (he was born in the Panama Canal Zone) — Berg, Martin, and Benjamin have taken a new approach that shows how desperate the McCain/Palin campaign has become.  The theory is this:  Senator Barack Obama was born in the Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya.  Unfortunately for Berg, Martin, and Benjamin, there is no credible, corroborated, and accurate proof of this at all.  Not an iota, unless you include the unnamed “sources” that they claim to have.  Of course, they have been unnamed for some time now, probably because they don’t exist and, even if they did, their information can neither be corroborated or deemed credible.  For McCain supporters, I don’t know whether it’s the guilt that is driving supporters to believe what is essentially bull at its highest and purest level.

Judah Benjamin, who I take it is one of the “scholars” of this Barack-isn’t-a-natural-born-citizen-theory, has used a “clever” way of making an argument, similar to the technique Palin used during the debates when the moderator asked her to talk about the economy and Palin said, “I would like to talk about energy policy.”  Yeah, okay.  Do you think we’re that stupid?  Benjamin spends a whole article assuming — without pointing to any proof — of how Barack and all the democracts violated all these laws IF Barack, in fact, was born in the Coast Provincial General Hospital at Mombasa in Kenya.  Through the article, the “if” slowly disappears and then, towards the end of the article, it becomes a fact (for example: “alternatively, his UK and Colonies Birth Certificate issued in Mombasa in August 1961 could be [a] fraudulent and Illegal Document” . . . what birth certificate issued in Mombasa???) 

Here’s an example of Mr. Benjamin’s, err, thorough reasoning:

Unfortunately for [Barack Obama], his actions in regard to the Admission of his UK & Colonies and Kenyan Citzenships and his Indonesian Citizenship by Adoption, his frequent apparent Breaches of the Logan Act, his probable breaches of the Hobbs Act, the Hatch Act, USC Title 18 Part One Chapter 63 Section 1346 and the RICO statute make this defense wholly untenable, especially when one considers the fact that [Barack Obama] holds a JD from Harvard Law.

Interesting.  Too bad none of this actually makes a lick of sense.  Mr. Benjamin then goes on to talk about a resolution in April 2008 stating that McCain is eligible to be president.  The resolution, which was non-binding, stated, “There is no evidence of the intention of the framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country’s president.”  Mr. Benjamin, apparently either because he doesn’t know how to read or just wants to avoid the whole purpose of the resolution, finds ominous that Barack Obama supported a clause within the resolution that stated, “Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President.”  Mr. Benjamin, in his “enlightenment,” argues that this is the damning piece of evidence, the smoky gun behind the grassy knoll, that Obama was trying “to create a blanket resolution covering all foregin born candidates.”  Interesting, but like most of Mr. Benjamin’s claims, it does not flow from logic.  The whole point of the clause and the resolution here was that McCain, who was not born in the United States, was still a “natural born citizen” despite this fact.

In the end of his article, Mr. Benjamin get’s one thing right when he says, “I do not insist that any of this is true and to me it makes little difference if it is.” 

No kidding.  And to Philip J. Berg:  what happened to you, man?

You can find his article, along with the mysterious Clinton supporters who are now supporting McCain, here.


6 thoughts on “Obama Born In Kenya? (The real question: What planets are Philip J. Berg, Andy Martin, and Judah Benjamin from?)

  1. I’d thought I’d add a few links that people could visit which discuss the authenticity of the birth certificate. Janice Akubo, the spokesperson for the Hawaii Department of Health — the agency that issued the birth certificate in the first place, confirmed, in fact, that the certificate is genuine. If you have proof that the certificate posted is not real, please point to what you think, at least in your approximation, is fake about it.




  2. America still waits for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE as in certification of birth.

    The 2007 printed computer report called “Certificate Of Live Birth (COLB) isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

    FACT: The COLB form is not good enough to be legal proof of birth for passports, school admissions, drivers license, etc.

    Obama, Tell the truth.

    Obama Drones, Get your facts straight before you trip over your tongue or lower lip.

  3. That document you linked me to is a certificate of live birth and is a fake. Its a fake because nowhere on that document is there a raised seal, hologram or official marking making it GENUWINE and ORIGINAL. You must be another Liberal waiting for this man to destroy the country. My opinion stands, cheeseburger. If it can be proven wrong, then I might change but until then I maintain the fact he was born in Mombasa, Kenya. Oh and as for proof? His PATERNAL GRANDMOTHER who LIVES in Kenya is ON TAPE stating to her friends that she was IN THE DELIVERY ROOM IN KENYA as Barack was being born. Pretty cold cut and dry if you ask me. We shall see my friend, we shall see.

  4. We shall see indeed. The issue with the certificate, as the Department of Health spokesman said, is that the official marking is on the back. Yeah, I know, this is a bit unfortunate and perhaps Obama and his camp should have scanned the back, recognizing that this argument would be raised. I think for Obama’s camp, it goes along the lines that, hey, what next? Sort of like an open the floodgates theory on revealing all sorts of information. But your point is taken.

    As for the grandmother tape, the tape, to my understanding, has not yet been produced. Thus, to the extent that you say his paternal grandmother stated something on tape, until it is produced, frankly, it doesn’t exist. Of course, the credibility of such a tape, including the full context in which it was given, should be taken into consideration, and whether also she will affirm to its truth. In the end, at least in my opinion, its not so cold cut and dry.

    What’s interesting about your comments is that one line which states, “you must be another liberal waiting for this man to destroy the country.” It’s sort of a sentiment on american politics, as many on the “liberal” side think mccain is going to destroy the country. Both sentiments aren’t necessarily good for the country and perhaps is more of an indictment on how polarized this, as well as many other elections, have become.

    Anyway, I appreciate the debate. We obviously disagree but I respect you as a person. I think some of the people on your side of the “rope” refuse to engage in civilized debate (as with ours).

  5. 1) Berg is a life-long Democrat, not a “McCain/Palin lapdog.”

    2) If the claims are baseless, why doesn’t Obama simply turn over a certified hard-copy of his birth certificate? The fact that he refuses to is suspicious.

  6. Ben,

    1) He may be a life long democrat, but check out his biography. Frankly, I don’t know what’s happened to him in the last ten years.

    2) I think you’re argument is putting the cart before the horse. In my opinion, the lawsuit itself is frivolous and thus, there is no need to turn it over. Take this as un related but hypothetical example. Let’s say I file a lawsuit in court demanding that the hospital disclose your medical records. The court will undoubtedly deny the claim, because, among other things, it’s frivolous (no standing, etc., etc.). I could then claim, “Well, the fact that Ben refuses to turn over the birth certificate to me is suspicious.” In my years of legal training, this is just not how it works.

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