The Problem With Democrats

I think the biggest problem with democrats can be boiled down to one word that the republicans say we don’t have:  faith.  Believe it or not, democrats have too much faith.

When George Bush ran in 2000, democrats exalted, “How can anyone vote for a man like this?”  Then, in 2004, when George Bush ran again, democrats again exalted, “Well, 2000 was clearly a fluke.  After all, how can anyone vote for a man like this?”  Now, in 2008, the same question is being asked of McCain:  How can anyone vote for a man like this?”

Maybe I’m using a more neutral term like “faith” to describe the democrat’s malady because I am a democrat, unlike other words I could have used, such as “arrogance” or “ignorance” or even “out of touch” to perhaps describe what really is going on with democrats.  Be that as it may, I can say confidently now that a large percentage of Americans will vote for McCain.  For many democrats, that’s a hard thing to admit, because we believe that anyone in their right mind would not vote for such a man.

I’ll take a small example of our “faith” at work.  When democrats are interviewed about Sarah Palin, they often comment that although they are happy that McCain “chose a woman,” they are “offended” that McCain and “those republicans” chose “that kind of woman.”  You mean a woman that is against abortion?  You mean a woman with conservative values?  You mean a woman who has several kids, including one that obviously engaged in pre-marital sex?  

Are these “values” only reserved for men?  Or, for democrats, does every woman have to support abortion rights whole-heartedly and have liberal values to be a reasonable person?

To me, it’s the same old, same old again by the democrats, of framing in our minds that the only things which are at all reasonable are coming from the mouths of Obama and Biden, and that everything which is at all unreasonable is coming from the mouths of McCain and Palin.  That’s a great view at a rally, but not one that will either guide policy or win the election come November.  Unlike in Europe, where political parties can be extraordinarily far apart in terms of ideology, the difference between democrats and republicans — sorry to break it to you again, my democrats — is not so significant.  In that regard, when we democrats take the no-holds-barred-everyone-but-Obama-is-unreasonable-and-ignorant, we are setting ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

Of course, democrats are humans, and we have good defense mechanisms to prevent us from realizing the reality of the situation.  We blamed Florida.  We blamed Ohio.  We blamed Jed Bush.  We blamed the U.S. Supreme Court.  We blamed the evangelicals.  We blamed the red states.  We blamed everyone except ourselves.

The fact is that then, we didn’t have a strong platform of ideas and values that were accessible by the majority of America . . . because we didn’t listen to what our country was saying.  We casted people that disagreed with us aside — the very people that we needed to win an election and take back our country.

Are we listening now?  Or is it going to be the same old song and dance?


3 thoughts on “The Problem With Democrats

  1. Speaking as someone who used to be a Democrat, you’ve nailed it.

    They can’t claim to be the party of tolerance while calling rural people ‘”trailer trash, ignorant hicks, illiterate racists,” and so on. The hatred that spewed forth after the 2004 election nearly took my head off.

    They can’t claim to be the party of woman’s rights while trashing someone the way they trashed Palin – the biggest mistake they made in this election, and for many people (including me) they will never unring that bell.

    They can’t convince me that they’ll protect the U.S. from its enemies when they don’t even recognize the enemy, and this is my #1 problem with them: the “9/11 was faked” mentality.

    I could go on, but this is “comments” not “ten-page essays” so I’ll just close with this: if more Democrats would open up the dialogue like you have, they’d have a good chance of getting me back.

  2. You’ve missed a singular fundamental point that’s very clear when you state “The fact is that then, we didn’t have a strong platform of ideas and values that were accessible by the majority of America.”

    You are correct that the Democrats don’t have a platform of ideas accessible by the majority of America, but the reason is not because of a change in their position, but because America has changed. Americans have been scared into believing that it’s OK for your Constitutional rights to be stripped so they can feel safe. Americans blindly believe that the Government is competent enough to regulate morality. I’m still baffled how purely personal social and medical situations like abortion and gay marriage are even a matter of political discussion! The truth is, they aren’t, but it sure gets mainstream America into the voting booths to stop the flood of bloody fetuses or prancing rainbows and tutus they seem to feel so threatened by.

    This is not the America of the Constitutional Convention. This is not the America of World War II. Hell, it’s not even the America of the real Republican party. But this is the America that the political marketing machines know how to take full advantage of.

    As the adage goes, “United we stand…”. All I can say is get ready for a big, big fall. America is a country divided and it gets worse every election, every year.

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