One Of The Most Endangered Jobs In The World: Serbian Ambassadors


With the recent announcement by Japan and Canada recognizing Kosovo’s independence, coupled with a list of countries which are expected to recognize Kosovo’s independence in the very near future, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Norway, Lithuania and Pakistan, Serbian Ambassadors should certainly start feeling a bit uncomfortable about their job security.  As most know, being appointed an ambassador by your government is a fairly plush job.  You attend dinners.  You have guests.  You hold meetings.  You give speeches here and there.  You write Letters to the Editor.  You get to be somewhere other than your home country.  And you get paid pretty well.  That’s why those who are appointed ambassadors generally are very well-connected to their home country’s government.  Indeed, an ambassadorship is often a prized job.

But as the list of countries recognizing Kosovo’s independence grows — particularly the ones that most would like to visit on a holiday — so has the unemployment line for Serbian ambassadors.  For every country that recognizes Kosovo’s independence, the Serbian government recalls their ambassador back to Serbia.

Ouch.  Hate to break it to the remaining Serbian ambassadors . . . but the list of countries recognizing Kosovo’s independence is growing not shrinking.  So, to the remaining ambassadors out there, if you haven’t done your “tour” of the country yet or tried the local cuisine, you better do so quickly.  Because once a country recognizes Kosovo’s independence, Serbia usually gives you no more than 48 hours to return home.  Thus, to the ambassador in Japan, I hope you had some good sushi; to the ambassador in Canada, I hope you had an opportunity to view some great hockey and to sip on some Labatts.

Here’s a list of countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence as of March 19, 2008:

1. Costa Rica
2. United States
3. France
4. Afghanistan
5. Albania
6. Turkey
7. United Kingdom
8. Australia
9. Senegal
10. Malaysia
11. Germany
12. Latvia
13. Denmark
14. Estonia
15. Italy
16. Luxembourg
17. Peru
18. Belgium
19. Poland
20. Switzerland
21. Austria
22. Ireland
23. Sweden
24. Netherlands
25. Iceland
26. Slovenia
27. Finland
28. Japan
29. Canada


4 thoughts on “One Of The Most Endangered Jobs In The World: Serbian Ambassadors

  1. Mr. Cheeseburger 9000, I gotta say I loved your analysis. Man/Woman you made my day indeed. Thanks again.

    Do not forget to update the list in the coming days. 🙂


  2. Mr. Cheeseburger,
    I humbly apologize for misreading your comments. Let me be there first to say, Mier Dita! I appreciate your analysis of the arms deal to KFOR (which as you rightly point out is international but mostly controlled by NATO i.e. the US). Today, more than ever, we must support peaceful movements for freedom that are from the community – Kosova is my favorite example. Let freedom ring and let tyranny be overcome with hard work and love.

  3. Dear Barbra,

    No need to apologize! In order to attack another person’s argument, I often try to take it to its logical conclusion, which usually renders the true motivations behind the argument. I find it much more useful to expose an argument this way. In that regard, someone who reads that person’s argument, will say, “I’m agreeing to this?!!!! I don’t think so.”

    Anyway, thanks for visiting. I can’t agree more with your statements about hard work and love.

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

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