Russia to Kosovo: No U.N. For You!

Russia, in a return to true iron fist form, not only used its veto power to thwart Kosovo independence through the Security Council, but promised to do all it can to shut Kosovo out of all international groups, such as the United Nations.  Put another way, Russia said to Kosovo, “No U.N. for you!” When the foam from the mouth of Russia’s ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin cleared, Boris Tadic took his turn at the podium at the U.N., vowing that Serbia will never ever ever ever recognize Kosovo’s independence.

A lot of table thumping.  A lot of beating chests.  A lot of fighting words.  But this was certainly no Adlai Stevenson moment.  It was something a lot more anti-climactic. 

To put it simply, it was just noise.  Or more precisely, it was just a competition between Russia and Serbia of who could become the most irrelevant in the future status of Kosovo.  I think Russia won that battle.  Serbia is not too far behind. 

Those thoughts, too, must have passed through Kosovo’s Prime Minister Hasim Thaci’s mind when he was at the U.N. podium.  With both a smile and a tempered tone, Thaci was not baited by either Tadic or the earlier statement by Churkin.  He had the confidence of someone who has all the right chess pieces in place and, like a professor to a student, knew that the tirades came from those whose King was in a near mate position.

After all, Kosovo has the backing of both the European Union and the U.S.  Thaci knew he had two Queens on his board to Russia and Serbia’s zero queens.  To Thaci, he needs neither Russia nor Serbia in his pocket for Kosovo to gain independence.  Surely, no matter what Kosovo did, Russia and Seriba would never be on Kosovo’s side . . . so why bother?  Why continue negotiating?  Enough is enough. 

If you could visualize it, that was the expression on Thaci’s face. 

Russia, which has used its UN Security Council veto powers to stall Kosovo independence, promised to go one step further. If the rebel province declares independence from Serbia, Russia will see to it that the country is shut out of international groups.

Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin said on Wednesday, Jan. 16, Kosovo “would not become members of the United Nations, they would not become members of international political institutions if they go down the road of unilateral declarations.”

Serbian President Boris Tadic confirmed those sentiments the same day in a speech to the UN Security Council vowing that his country would never recognize the country’s sovereignty. Talks between Serbian and Kosovar leaders held in 2006 and 2007 failed to bring the hostile sides any closer to a mutually acceptable outcome of the province. The US and Britain reaffirmed their support for Kosovo’s independence at a UN Security Council meeting Wednesday. The meeting replayed a December debate about Kosovo’s future.

The UN and NATO have administered the province since 1999.
Russian and Serbian threats have failed to dissuade Kosovo from pushing for independence. The newly-elected government has indicated the country will declare independence after the first round of elections in Serbia’s presidential race on Jan. 20.

“I am sure that the decision will be taken very soon,” Kosovo’s newly elected Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said in addressing the UN body Wednesday.  Kosovo is counting on backing from the US and Europe, which have both said they would support a plan for European Union-supervised independence.

Any resolution on Kosovo’s status requires both Belgrade and Pristina’s support, Russian President Vladimir Putin was quoted by the Kremlin as saying on Thursday.  “Our position is extremely clear. Any resolution on Kosovo should be approved by both sides,” Putin said. “It is also clear that any resolution on Kosovo will set a precedent in international practice.”  (This article was published by DW-World.De and can be found here,


7 thoughts on “Russia to Kosovo: No U.N. For You!

  1. Mr Cheeseburger,

    I am delighted by your enthusiasm for the Kosovo issue, and even more so by the fact that you are not Albanian.

    In response to this post, it is quite evident that both Russia and Serbia are becoming quite desperate in their attempts to prevent an cession and a Kosovoar independence. The US and EU support on the proclaimation of independence does not entail an Russian/ Serbian approval. And lets face it, who needs their support when you have got the mighty giants?

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Mr. Cheeseburger

    I would like to show to you that UN Security Council member countries which oppose Kosovo Independence
    Represent 1800 million people (China, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, SAR) .There are majority of international community.

    UN Security Council member counties which are for Kosovo independence represent only 500 million people.
    (USA, UK, France, Italy, Belgium, Panama)

    European parliament (Council of Europe) vote on 23.1.2008, 48:24 against independence.

    World and Europe are against Kosovo independence.
    It is ambition of NATO former Colonial powers willing to establish new colony at Kosovo with new Vice Royal.
    They are nostalgic for time of protectorate and colonial governors.

    But world is against it and majority of Security Council.

    Kumanovo Peace Treaty and Resolution 1244 are very strict: Kosovo is part of Yugoslavia and Serbia.
    Under this condition Yugoslav and Serbian Army agreed to windrow without NATO invasion.
    There were guaranties of G 8 and Russia of this peace Treaty.
    This is not CAPITULATION, it is peace treaty with right for both side.

    NATO tried twice unsuccessfully to invade Kosovo.
    In order to save NATO people NATO countries agreed with less than Kosovo independence.
    You can see how costly Iraq invasion was. (Thousand of killed USA troops).
    NATO made compromise with help and guaranties of Russian mediator Chernomyrdin, in order to avoid NATO loses and dangerous and deadly invasion.

    But it is dishonest now, push for Kosovo independence against Russia, Serbia, China will and against Resolution 1244 and Kumanovo.

    IF NATO countries persist in this direction it will kill any future compromise peace deal for another world conflict. Both sides will go to final victory.

    This situation is wery similar with 1908 tragic Austria anexation of Bosnia and Hercegovina ,against Berlin Treaty and Serbian People ,then majority people in BiH.
    It event lead to WW I and WWII

  3. Kosovo is not a nation and it never was. If created it will be artificial and should not be recognized as such.
    The most that the ethinc Albanians should get is some autonomy and that’s it! Beyond that Kosovo should remain a part of Serbia as it was.

    If that still does not satisfy the Albanian minority, Albania is right next door. I don’t see what the big deal is. The Albanians have a state to go to. They are much luckier that the Kurds.
    And lastly, Kosovo is a stinking den of human/drug/weapons trafficking, rape and a mafia paradise, all under the noses of the schmucks from the EU, US and NATO. Model democracy? Not in a million years. Plus, they have Thaci, a certified war criminal running the show.
    Kosovo was the west’s last attempt to squeeze something out of Serbia who did not want to be bought off by western pressure. The EU and US don’t really give a damn about Kosovo. The west’s plans to break up the Balkans for their own interests are a fact of history. Now their plans have been realized and the future will not be good, even for the stupid Albanians in Kosovo who have been duped.

  4. And also, once the Albanian minority succeeds in getting their illegitimate slice of Serbia, they have plans to seize terrority from Macedonia, Bosnia, Montenegro as well as N. Italy. Good luck!

  5. Dear Serbian Soldier,

    Thanks for your comments. I understand your frustration. War is certainly not a good idea, nor is ethnic nationalism.

    Further, could you explain to me why you insist you are writing from “a major city in Serbia,” when you are writing from Canada?

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

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