Russia’s NATO Ambassador — Dmitry Rogozin — to Kosovo: Pay, You Terrorists!

Russia’s newly appointed ambassador/attack dog to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, demanded a special UN conference when Kosovo declares independence.  The purpose of this conference would be dedicated to “setting up of rules in cases where secessionist movements” seek independence. 

Viewed in the light most favorable to Rogozin, his concern for the “setting up of rules” is surely a laudable and apolitical one, right?, even the best intentions are marred by reality, and in this case, it is Russia’s vitriol for everything and everyone that does not go their way.  When you hear what Rogozin says, you wonder whether he took a page out of PM Vojislav Kostunica’s Book of Things To Say That Make You Look Like a Xenophobic Neanderthal or vice versa.

To be fair, Rogozin starts out pretty tame when he says the first principle he would “suggest” in the rules on “secessionist movements” is anyone seeking secession has no right to use violence.  Okay, I think we’re all on the same page there.  Then, the attack dog comes out — as we all expected. 

Rogozin states that those who already resorted to violence, “such as [Kosovar] Albanians, with the blessing of their Western backers,” must first reconstruct everything they destroyed.  The Kosovar Albanian “secessionists,” according to Javnosti, must also pay full compensation to the Serbian victims for declaring independence.

Interesting.  I wonder if those rules Rogozin “suggests” would apply to Russia in its backing of Transnistria’s bid for universally recognized independence.  Or do Rogozin’s suggestions only apply to non-Muslim, Russian-supported “secessionist movements”? 

Rogozin then goes on to suggest that even if Belgrade did not oppose Kosovo’s independence, the EU would have to take into consideration that Kosovo is a “laboratory of drugs,” and that by preventing power to go into the “hands of terrorists and criminals,” the EU would be “defending its own standards and civilization values.”

Of course, why hasn’t anyone thought of that before?  What planet is Dmitry Rogozin from?  Oh, that’s right:  Russia.

Russian’s newly appointed ambassador to NATO [Dmitry Rogozin] explained that the gathering would be dedicated to the protection of international law and setting up of rules in cases where secessionist movements seek independence.  In an interview with the Belgrade daily Glas Javnosti, he told Serbia that it “has to remain resolute and principled as far as the Kosovo issue is concerned.”  According to Rogozin, the first and principal rule for anyone seeking secession ought to be that they have no right to use violence. Then, the Russian diplomat said, those who have already resorted to violence, “such as [Kosovo] Albanians, with the blessing of their Western backers,” must first reconstruct everything they destroyed.

The rules Russia would propose to such a conference would also state that a secessionist movement that has incurred damages to the state where they live must pay full compensation to its victims, the Russian NATO ambassador explained.  “And a very important rule would be that there must not be any foreign military bases in the territories seeking secession. With foreign bases present, only a protectorate and an imitation of independence can actually be obtained.”

Asked whether a Russian demand to organize such a conference “would suffice”, he answered by expressing hope that it would, particularly, as he put it, if Serbia continued to be decisive, tough and principled in refusing to accept Kosovo’s possible declaration of independence.   However, Rogozin said, he “fears that Serbia was still somewhat divided concerning that issue.”  Serbia may be heading for a change of the regime, the Russian diplomat said, and if this happens, “the ones to be held responsible for this will be Americans and those Western European countries which, in cooperation with them, are strangling Serbia.”

According to Rogozin, even if Belgrade did not oppose Kosovo’s secession, the European Union “would have to take into consideration the fact that tiny Kosovo is a laboratory of drugs, and that by defending Kosovo Serbs and preventing the authorities in Priština to be transferred into the hands of terrorists and criminals, it would be defending its own standards and civilization values.” (This article was published by B92 and can be found here.)


9 thoughts on “Russia’s NATO Ambassador — Dmitry Rogozin — to Kosovo: Pay, You Terrorists!

  1. Basically we know that all suffer that my people had in the past it is from russian. Serbs are used to do atrocities in Albanian people. You are somehting bad that has happened to the mother earth.

  2. Well…every day I’m more and more convinced and I’m understanding that the mongolians were right about submitting Russians under Mongol Empire (1230-1240) because most probably they knew that Russian nationalist mentality is very dangerous for the World Stability and for the Human Kind History, anyway, today no one, neither Russians and neither Serbs can not deform the truth about history of the nations…to bad that Arman Katchatorian, Tchaikovski were Russian…

  3. It’s Milosevic, not Milosivic.

    This just proves you don’t know any real facts about Kosovo, Serbia, the Albanins who fled from Albania to Serbia, our history, ….. if you can’t EVEN get the name right !!!?!!!!

    Milosivic was a moron, but the only people who stuffered under his rule were the Serbans themselves. You better do some reading, and you will see that the root of the Albnian probem was brought on by TITO who was an even greater moron. The Albaians were better off in Serbia than in Albania obviosly, but when drug trafficking hit their roads and money started making the world go round – the Serbs are the easiest to blame for everything.

  4. Dear Ana,

    I’m not sure what you’re trying to say. I did spell Milosevic right. In any event, if anyone needs to check their spelling, I would believe it’s you.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

  5. Hmmm…I C that we’re gonna have some problems here…frankly Ana you’ve been a brain washed…the real question is..”where did your predecessors came from”…or let me put it this way…”why they escaped from Carpathians initialy on 8th century and than after on 12th and 13th century a mssive invasion or better says a massive escape from there leaded by Stevan Prvovencanin?”…”strange…I wonder why this period is consentient with time when the mongolian Empire invede and submitted the russians and the rest of the slaves?…”who do you think they found here in Balcans when the Otoman Empire didn’t exist?” Have U ever asked yourself about that?…sorry cute but you have to get some real and objective history reading…:-)…

    I’m sorry but I dodn’t like to lose my time and energy with someone that was misinformated and is convinced on his story…

  6. I alerady said my dear you are something bad that has happened to the mother earth. And with your arrogance you are just proving to the others that did not know you better in the past.

    PS. It is never late to learn world history. (read the book’s), otherwise reply to you with same arrogance would be: Why you don’t go to mother Rusia?

  7. Burger
    …”anyone seeking secession has no right to use violence. Okay, I think we’re all on the same page there…”

    Same page?! – The side you represent in this case was not on that page at all! U are on the page of US and just as this is written their atrocities are still raging unleashed around the globe. Somebody may be irritated with your hypocritical “page” burger.

    “Mother Russia…” yes – may you remain cynical or not – It is the ONLY Mother of many that certainly will not fall low enough to give a sadistic sort any more pleasure. I am sorry folks. Russia is coming back to life and the Imperialists better leave her alone.

    While savage races feasted on mutilation of Yugoslavia, Russians were the only one to give a hand. True hand of love to all including Albanians of Kosova, not the hand that fed the very Milosevic and his Scorpions – US firstly made devilish deal with him about Kosovo, allowing him to kill Kosovars, than they arranged the transfer of so many young people from Albania to die by the hand of Serbian mafia well armed with US made weaponry.

    US, your savior were the same bitch that kills you. Russia never did such dirty, sick intriguing intervention anywhere.

    You have Kosovo now – let the drugs flow freely, you have what you always wanted – schools, healthcare for everyone free, you are not hungry any more, you get rid of Serbs, you can sing your songs now.

    And go ahead, do as you wish. Level the monasteries, destroy whatever the great Gjergj Kastrioti fought for. What an irony – it is his flag Albania and Kosovo is using it as their own pride.

    And he was the one who called Russia Mother as well. Why?

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