Serbia’s Position Is Now Crystal Clear: We Are Not Joining The EU (Or: PM Kostunica . . . are you sure you want to do that?)

Not surprisingly, the Serbian Parliament past the resolution I reported yesterday against Kosovo independence, 220 to 14 (with 3 abstaining).  Although there were approximately 8 hours of “debate” over the resolution, as you can see from the final vote, it was less of a “debate” than it was a platform for every Serb nationalist to make a rousing speech against ethnic Albanian “separatists” and the international community’s complicity with these “separatist” criminals.  So much for the voice of moderation in Serbia.

Apart from the language in the resolution against Kosovo independence, the Serbian Parliamennoeu_320.pngt took its opportunity to blame its current situation — all of it — on the United States and, by extension, the EU, and, if that wasn’t enough, NATO.

The Serbian Parliament officially rejected the position of the EU mission coming to Kosovo.  This is interesting because Russia already expressed their view that it will accept an EU mission so long as the UN SCR passes a resolution and that Serbia agrees to it.  Of course, Russia’s grandstanding was really a strained attempt to appear like independent and moderate negotiators, as everyone knows that any UN SCR resolution will depend on Russia itself and Serbia would never agree to an EU mission in the first place.  So it’s like the Grim Reaper saying, “I wouldn’t have to kill everybody if either there were no people around or they were alive.”  Yes, I know, it doesn’t make sense, and neither did Russia’s position.

What was more disturbing in all of this was what everyone already knew.  But this time it seems to be official:  Sebian PM Vojislav Kostunica said in no uncertain terms that Serbia will not join the EU if the EU recognizes Kosovo independence.  Of course, this has similar Russian logic as described above. 

The EU has for quite some time indicated that they will recognize Kosovo independence.  The EU coalition is strong and committed to doing so.  It just seems like sour grapes now for Serbia to say that it will not join the EU if it recognizes Kosovo independence.  Hey, Kostunica, you should have said that a long time ago.

The Serbian parliament has voted overwhelmingly to condemn any attempt by Kosovo to become independent. Authorities in the province say they will declare independence unilaterally in the coming weeks, because talks with Serbia have made no progress. The Belgradeparliament’s resolution calls for action against those who recognise an independent Kosovo.

After eight hours of debate on Wednesday, Serbian MPs approved the resolution by 220 votes to 14. It rejects the idea of the EU setting up a mission in Kosovo before the province’s status is resolved. The text also accuses Nato – which has 16,000 peacekeepers in Kosovo – of supporting ethnic Albanians, who account for about 90% of the population. The resolution says Serbiawill “reconsider” diplomatic ties with Western countries that recognise Kosovo’s statehood. The US and several EU states have indicated they may do so.

During the debate in parliament, Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica accused the USof blocking efforts to find a compromise with ethnic Albanians by its open support of Kosovo’s independence. “Americais openly striving for the destruction of the international order,” Mr Kostunica said.  He added that Serbiawould not join the EU if the bloc recognised Kosovo’s independence.

“Serbia can join any integration only as a whole and not a truncated country,” he said.

The opposition Liberal Party leader Cedomir Jovanovic – who does not oppose Kosovo’s independence – said the resolution was a blow to Serbia’s ambitions to become an EU member. (Source:  BBC)


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