Condoleezza Rice Draws Line in the Sand (Or: Here’s one reason most Kosovars like the U.S.)

Kosovo is one of the few places that outwardly supports the United States. They had a demonstration supporting the Iraq War.  Talk about devotion! They have “Bill Klinton” Boulevard. There are children running around with names like Wesley Clark and, again, “Bill Klinton.”  

There are many reasons, at least for now, of the love that Kosovo has for the U.S. Probably chief among those is the U.S.’s involvement in getting the Serbian government out of Kosovo.

Here’s another, reported by the Associated Press, in which Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice minces no words: “Serbia and Kosovo are never going to be one again.”

That’s some pretty straight talk. Maybe the EU should learn to talk like that once in a while. And maybe Russia should come to grips that the negotiations are not going to be extended.

Russia must accept the reality that “Serbia and Kosovo are never going to be one again” or risk instability there, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview published Wednesday. “I hope that the Russians are as committed as we are to a stable outcome in the Balkans and to being constructive in the Balkans.”

“[T]he fact of the matter is Kosovo and Serbia are never going to be one again, and that’s the reality. And if you don’t deal with that reality, you’re only going to sow the seeds of considerable discontent and considerable instability,” Rice said.

“I have been encouraging our European allies to do as much as they can to encourage that European perspective,” she added. The focus now is on ensuring that Kosovo fulfills its obligations under the Ahtisaari plan — such as the protection of minority rights and religious sites — “because there isn’t any more point to further negotiation.”   


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