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Serbia To EU Mission: Buzz Off

In its attempt to not again become “a pariah state, isolated and ostracized by the rest of Western Europe,” Serbia’s Prime Minister, Vojislav Kostunica, told Reuters that the EU Mission should buzz off.  He added that the coming EU Mission would damage relations with Serbia.

More specifically, Kostunica warned, “Anyone who wants Serbia as a partner has to know Serbia will accept partnership only as a whole country, not as a country cut in two.” Kostunica “emphatically rejects in advance an unlawful decision on the arrival of an EU mission” and “expects the EU to respect its stance that a EU mission cannot come to its territory, Kosovo, without a new Security Council resolution.”

Deputy Prime Minister Bozidar Djelic, who is in charge of navigating Serbia’s EU path, said, “the EU is not a state” and “should not be part of the Kosovo process.” 

Dusan Janjic of the Forum for Ethnic Relations observed, “Even though 70 percent of Serbs support joining the EU, there is a huge division in the ruling coalition. Next year will be a year of struggle and discussion, whether to go towards the EU, when and how.”

Sounds to me that those in power have now taken a hardline, as expected. 

. . .a pariah state, isolated and ostracized by the rest of Western Europe . . .


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