Michael Averko has awesome reasoning for why Kosovo should be an autonomous province: the olympics!!!

Michael Averko, a “noted” writer for Serbianna and other media, gave his best thoughts for why Kosovo should be an autonomous province rather than an independent nation. For starters, he writes that “the Albanian dominated and largely ethnically cleansed Kosovo is far from showing itself worthy of governing itself as an independent nation.”

“Ethnically cleansed Kosovo”? Interesting choice of words. I wonder if Serbia has showed itself worthy to govern Kosovo as an autonomous province. Hmmm.

He then goes on to argue that Kosovo being an “autonomous province” is really like independence but Kosovo would still be part of Serbia. Sorry, Mr. Averko, it doesn’t matter how much you dress “autonomous province” with red bows, “autonomous province” is not the same thing as independence.

But, to top it all off, Mr. Averko, after “some private questioning,” believed that the “autonomous province” idea would work and that the biggest and most important carrot is this:

Kosovo having full UN and Olympic representation, with the understanding that as long as there’s a Serbia, Kosovo will remain a part of it. Ukraine and Belarus had UN delegations with full UN voting rights during the Soviet period. Puerto Rico (US territory), Taiwan (recognized by most as a part of China) and Hong Kong (recognized by all as a part of China) have their own Olympic delegations. Palestine, a present non-nation has its own Olympic and UN observer representation. In the hypothetical Kosovo instance, Kosovo’s residents can choose between representing Serbia or Kosovo.

Interesting idea, Mr. Averko. You really should have been part of the troika. I’m sure the Kosovars would have jumped at the autonmous province idea knowing that Kosovo would have its own Olympic delegation!

Mr. Averko: what the hell planet are you from? Get more of Mr. Averko’s thoughts here.


11 thoughts on “Michael Averko has awesome reasoning for why Kosovo should be an autonomous province: the olympics!!!

  1. As a follow-up to my last set of submitted comments:

    Serbia minus Kosovo is more democratic and multi-ethnic tolerant than Kosovo. From the historical and human rights perspectives, Pridnestrovie (Trans-Dniester) has a better case for independence than Kosovo. Despite their oppression of the Kurds, Turkey and Iraq aren’t expected to give up parts of their respective land. The Serbs can’t be legitimately accused of being worse than the Turks and Iraqis and the Albanians are far from innocent.

    Kosovo clearly shouldn’t get independence, unless the independence also includes it remaining a part of Serbia as per what I detailed and you miscomprehended.

  2. So, what exactly is your point, other than to attack Averko?

    I understand your penchant for revolution, however, an independent Kosovo at the cost of deeper emnity in the region, the possibility of all out war – civil or super power surrogate – is not the only means toward Kosovar independence.

    The UN mandating yet another arbitrarily carved line on a map does not have quite the historical success as some of the ideas Averko has put forth.

    Unlike so many others in this debate, Averko has taken the time to submit an idea for consideration. I appreciate that.

  3. Dear Joel and Mr. Averko,

    Thank you for your comments.

    I am attacking Averoko’s ideas. I am not attacking Averko as a person. If I did not make that distinction clear, then I apologize . . . it certainly was not my intention.

    As for Mr. Averko’s comments, I apologize if you felt I “very much miscomprehend” what you said. I don’t think I have. I have read your columns on Serbianna, and if anything, I understate what you are saying. In the end, I leave it to the readers to judge for their own your works on the matter.

    However, I do appreciate one of the tones of your columns that sometimes gets overlooked: Kosovo independence is not so clear cut as everyone is making it out to be. Further, the other point: NATO’s involvement in the bombing campaign is not so clear cut, either. Your articles, along with others, provoke thought into the issue, which is always a good thing, especially when most of the media is saying one thing.

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

  4. It’s wrong to say that I am advocating autonomy and not independence for Kosovo. Isolating some of what I said to suggest differently is a misrepresenation of my stated proposal.

    I can take hits. On attacking, what’s with the “noted” (your characterization of me in quotes) in your post?

  5. Dear “Andrei,”

    Thanks for your comment, I think. I hope more can be said of Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. It’s too bad that you’re using the Abuse Hotline computer to make such comments.

    “RAbuseHandle: ABUSE1796-ARIN
    RAbuseName: Abuse Coordinator
    RAbusePhone: +1-516-877-3340
    RAbuseEmail: abuse@adelphi.edu

    RNOCHandle: FHI5-ARIN
    RNOCName: Hicks, Fred
    RNOCPhone: +1-516-877-3338
    RNOCEmail: arintech@adelphi.edu

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

  6. Dear Mr. Averko,

    You say: “it’s wrong to say that I am advocating autonomy and not independence for Kosovo.”

    Ummm, what are you saying then? You certainly aren’t advocating for Kosovo independence when it’s clear you think the majority of Kosovars are run by extremist muslims.

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

  7. SHOW me where I’ve said that Kosovo is run by extremist Muslims.

    On the contrary, I’ve stated differently, while noting a fundamentalist presence in Kosovo.

    You don’t fully grasp views running contrary to your own biases, which are shown by some of the sites linked at this blog; in conjunction with some of your comments. Views which some might categorize as “abuse”.

    My last two Serbianna articles clearly support the idea of a joint independence and continued part of Serbia advocacy which includes (among other things) Kosovo represented at the Olympics and in the UN with full voting rights, while formally remaining a part of Serbia.

  8. Dear Mr. Averko,

    I have shown you. Please go to http://www.serbianna.com, where your columns find a home. I don’t even know where to begin except close your eyes and click anywhere on the page.

    As for “joint independence,” what you are really saying is “autonomous province.” Call it what you like. Kosovars see past the semantic BS of “joint independence.” Cute though. Your penchant for word splicing and dressing the pig to look like a horse is much needed in George Bush’s administration. Or Putin’s. I think they’re hiring. Good luck with your job search.

    Mr. Cheeseburger 9000

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