Albin Kurti Trial . . . Delayed (And some inconsistencies by those who report it, ahem Vetevendosje)

I just landed in Kosovo a couple days ago and will be here for a few weeks to report on things. Like clockwork, electricity was not working.

I had a chance to see the court session of the Kurti trial on 4 December. Not the greatest witness called by the prosecution. He seemed to be a bit, well, thick in the head. Apparently, at least four of the other witnesses who were supposed to appear did not. They were all KPS Officers. After reading the indictment, I’m not exactly sure why the prosecution called KPS Ismet Hajdini. He was not a critical witness, as he did not hear the speech (he was near the Government Building, which is about 100 feet away) nor was he near the police cordon (so, obviously, he was not in a position to hear what was being said there). I think it was because he was an injured party (he was hit by a rock several hours after the speech).

I’m not sure why Vetevendosje and others are saying the witness was a “key witness” or a “critical witness”. Where are they getting that from? Of course, Hajdini said that a few hours after the speech, he did not see Kurti throw rocks at him (a few days after 10 February, Hajdini said in a hearing that he did in fact see Kurti throw rocks at him). Regardless of the inconsistency, it does not seem crucial at all. Kurti is not charged with throwing rocks at anyone.

The problem is that the trial’s next date is 30 January. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the trial is delayed that long. Contrary to what Vetevendsoje is saying, it has nothing to do with the fact that the witnesses did not show up. I know Vetevendosje supporters were there (I was at the trial and recognized a few), and you could hear the judges talking about their schedules. Nothing was asked of the prosecution or the defense. The trial was clearly delayed until the 30th of January because of the judge’s schedules, not because of lack of witnesses. Get the facts straight Vetevendosje.

But I agree with Vetevendosje that a trial like this needs to move quickly. The very speed of the trial makes you wonder whether the court is purposely delaying the trial so that the EU mission can take over and ultimately dismiss the case. Whatever the reason is, there is simply no justifiable reason for the trial to be delayed this long.


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