The EU is coming to town! The EU is coming to town! (Or Maybe Not)

With all this talk of uniliateral independence, one thing often times is forgotten: the upcoming EU mission. That’s the catch of “supervised independence.” The international community is essentially saying, “You are independent Kosovo, but because we can’t trust you and to appease certain countries into believing that you are not going to attack the rest of the region or kill all the Serbs, we are going to have the EU mission ‘supervise you.'”

For one, I understand the concerns of those in the international community about the rights of minority populations and artificats in Kosovo. At the same time, if we choose to support the independence of Kosovo because we believe the Kosovars are finally “ready,” then it’s kind of hard to also say, “let’s supervise” that independence. What is it, probation? If Kosovars fail, then “we” revoke your right to rule yourselves? I think if you’re in a position to ask that kind of question, then you know what? Kosovo was never ruling yourself in the first place. Call it what it is.

The EU is coming to town. Part of the plan was once UNMIK says, “Hey EU, it’s yours,” the EU has 120 days to takeover. Don’t worry. They’ve been planning for this switch for sometime now. The EU has been in Kosovo under the guise of the EUPT (EU Planning Team), rubbing their hands over smoke, magical herbs, and live crabs to prove to everyone they can do the same job that UNMIK did with a lot less people. Go for it EU. Remember, though, you are guests. UNMIK kind of forgot that.

Back on track. The Serbs have an argument against the EU mission. (They say they don’t have an “issue with the EU” itelf but an issue with the EU’s “legitimacy” . . . ummm isn’t that the same thing?) Of course, it’s really an argument against unilateral independence, which would include an agreement that the EU mission would take over UNMIK’s role. So, in a domino-like argument, the Serbs say the EU mission can’t come without a security council resolution. Uh oh. The plot thickens . . .

Here’s an article from RTS published today.

The EU mission should replace UNMIK as soon as possible, but that should have a legal basis in a UN SC resolution, pointed Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic. He added that Belgrade is not making an issue out of the EU mission itself, but of the legitimacy of its arrival to Kosovo. Jeremic specified that there is just one valid interpretation of UNSCR 1244, according to which the change of the kind and shape of international presence in the province is not allowed without the approval of the SC. Such a solution is necessary for Kosovo, which would enable peace and stability in the entire Balkans, and the institutional presence of EU in the province is an integral part of that solution, emphasized Jeremic.


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