Director of Serbia’s Sector For “Minority Rights” says to Kosovar Albanians: Your Flag Day Is Illegal!

November 28, 2007 was Flag Day for Kosovar Albanians.  Kosovo, for obvious reasons, does not yet have a flag, although many would point to the red, double-eagled Albanian flag as the one most flown in Kosovo.  It is an Albanian national holiday.  Most Albanians take the day off.  Wave the flag around.  Sing the national anthem.  Stuff like that.

Little did they know, all of this was illegal.  At least under Serbian law, which does not apply in Kosovo.

According to the BETA News Agency (, Petar Ladjevic, Serbia’s director of the Sector for Human and Minority Rights, proclaimed that a) displaying the Albanian flag or b) singing the national anthem in Serbia on Flag Day is against the law.  In fact, according to Mr. Ladjevic, “only the minorities that have formed a national council” are entitled to display their “national symbols” and that “symbols of national minorities must not be identical to those of their land of origin.”

Ladjevic is the director of Serbia’s Sector for Human and Minority Rights?  I’ll guess I’ll ask you this Mr. Ladjevic:  What the hell planet are you from?


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