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Kosovo Independence Would Endanger OSCE Mission (Or Don’t Fire Us, We Like Working Here!!!)

The Head of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), Tim Guldimann, is concerned that Kosovo independence would endanger its mission in Kosovo. 

He stated in Brussells that “[t]here are indications that this could affect their (Serbia and Russsia’s) positions with regard to extending our mandate, which is renewed every year.”  He told Russia not to use its veto if Kosovo declares independence. “I hope the mission will survive,” he added. “It would be in the interest of Serbia and Russia, too.”

Perhaps. But I’m sure it’s also in the interest of the employees of OSCE’s largest field mission (over 1,000 employees) who want to keep their plush jobs. Who was it that said the primary purpose of a bureaucracy is to ensure its own survival?


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