Supervised Democracy (Or How Many Oxy Morons Can You Put In a Telephone Booth)

On the advice of Belgrade, many Serbs boycotted the November elections in Kosovo.  As expected, many Serbian towns in Kosovo, such as Strcpe, would have then gone under the power of the newly elected political representatives, who are Albanian.  In the spirit of democracy and political participation, B92 ( reports that UNMIK Head Joachim Rueker is considering extending the municipal authorities’ mandates and thereby annulling the results in northern Kosovo:

The UNMIK Head Joachim Ruecker is considering annulling the results in northern Kosovo, and issuing a decree to extend the existing municipal authorities’ mandates. This would prevent Albanians taking over as local heads in Serb-inhabited towns. As for Strpce and Novo Brdo, sources with UNMIK say a so-called combined solution is being prepared, where existing and newly elected political representatives would cooperate. Strpce municipal president Stanko Jakovljevic has told B92 that consultations and talks were ongoing. Ruecker will declare official results of the 17 November elections in Pristina on 4 December.


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