Kosovo says tow-may-toe; Serbia says tow-mah-toe

The maxim that every reader of a press report learns at an early age is:  check your source.  In that regard, it is interesting to see the differences in the way the Kosovars and Serbs report the same news events.  Which side is correct?  Or does the truth lie somewhere in middle?

The Kosovar view (Koha Ditore):

Busek: Austria to recognize Kosovo’s independence (Koha)

Koha Ditore reports that Stability Pact Coordinator for South-East Europe, Erhard Busek, said on Tuesday that he is engaged for his country, Austria, to recognize the independence of Kosovo, and added that the position of not changing borders is wrong. “Borders are not so holy,” he added. “Austria must do everything in its power to support the possibility of Kosovo’s survival. If this implies recognition, then Austria should recognize independence,” said the former Austrian Chancellor. 

The Serbian view (Tanjug/RTS): 

Busek for recognition of independence of Kosovo (Tanjug/RTS)

The Special Coordinator of the Stability Pact of SouthEast Europe Erchard Busek has stated that he advocates for his country Austria to recognize independence of Kosovo, adding that it is a wrong stand that borders should not be changed. “Austria must do everything towards supporting the possibility of the survival of Kosovo. If this also includes recognition, then Austria should recognize independence,” the former Austrian chancellor told the Vienna paper Kurir.

Without excluding the possibility of Kosovo Serbs also seceding, Busek said that the “fetish of inviolability of borders is wrong.”

“Borders are not so holy,” he underlined and stressed that the EU should assume as soon as possible the role of the UN in Kosovo. Any signals of allowing unilateral independence of Kosovo in the process of talks on the status of that province should be excluded, and the realization of the scenario with self-proclaimed sovereignty would provoke a new spiral of violence in the Balkans, warned the Russian Foreign Ministry. The process of talks needs to be continued under the auspices of UN, until an outcome is reached acceptable for both sides, and in accordance with international law, including the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, as well as the regulations of UNSCR 1244. The winner at the Kosovo elections Hashim Tachi has stated in Brussels that Kosovo Albanians would proclaim independence of the province after 10 December, but in cooperation with Washington and Brussels. “We will respect the agenda of the international community and after 10 December, in full coordination with Washington and Brussels, Kosovo will bring the decision on independence,” said Tachi. 

The Director of the American Council for Kosovo Jim Jatras has harshly condemned the election of Hashim Tachi for the most probable future Kosovo premier, stating that the former KLA leader is the personification of “all evils” against which the US is fighting, including the jihad and organized crime.


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